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Additional Options

The One Pool comes with a plethora of great features as standard but this highly adaptable one piece pool comes with additional options to meet the various needs and requirements of all our customers.


See below a list of additional features that can be added to your pool...

one piece swimming pool with cover

Luxury Pool Cover

We offer a range of Standard Slatted Covers and Premium Slatted Solar Covers that insulate, provide a level of safety, and reduces time spent on maintenance. The high quality of the covers, extra UV-protection and hail resistance ensures a long lifespan offering you peace of mind.

Standard Slatted Cover
Made from PVC our standard slats primary objective is to increase insulation of the pool water and prevent debris. Available in grey or white the Standard Slatted Cover is suitable for indoor & outdoor pools.

The One Pool PVC Slatted swimming pool cover grey.jpg


The One Pool PVC Slatted swimming pool cover white.jpg


Premium Slatted Solar Cover
By upgrading to the Premium Slatted Solar Cover made from TRI-extrusion polycarbonate; you open yourself to more colour options but also the following benefits:

- Uses the sun’s rays to help heat the pool water therefore saving on energy costs.

- It helps reduce evaporation of the pool water, saving you more on water.

The One Pool Slatted solar swimming pool cover black.jpg
The One Pool Slatted solar swimming pool cover silver.jpg

Solar Black

Solar Silver

The One Pool Slatted solar swimming pool cover blue.jpg

Solar Blue

one piece pool with swim lane

Swim Lane

A mosaic tile swim lane running through the middle of the pool can be added at no extra cost*, giving that athletic feel and aesthetic.

*Depending on tile selection for the swimming lane

The One Pool Entrance Rail.jpg

Stainless Steel Entrance Rail

Add that extra little bit of elegance by finishing off your pool with one of our premium stainless-steel entrance rails. Not only will the entrance rail offer a high level of practicality but opens a new avenue of access to your pool by helping ease entering or leaving the pool.


With a large variety of design options, you will be able to choose the perfect rail to add a new dynamic to the design of your One Pool.

The One Pool with swim jets

Counter Current Unit

The Counter Current Unit has a 3HP pump that creates a counter flow of water allowing the user to swim against the current while staying in the same position in the pool.

The One Pool LED Light.jpg

LED Lights

The addition of luxury LED lighting not only offers a glorious night-time aesthetic that uplifts all of its
surroundings but can also mean that the pool has the potential to create a longer user time for those who like a night swim.

As The One Pool is bespoke built to each customer, there are a variety of light options and positions for you to choose from.

If you have any questions about the above products or have any bespoke requirements please feel free to get in touch...

Outdoor 3 (002).jpg
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