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Inside The One Pool

Take a closer look at what makes The One Pool a truly unique one-piece pool.

Composite Technology

The composite technology used to construct the one pool has been developed to create a product that is impervious by nature and strong in structure...

The One Pool One Piece Pool composite technology layers

Mosaic Tiles - The layer of mosaic tiles offers a contemporary and polished texture to the pools flooring and walls.

Gel Coat - Is used as an extra water proofing agent and helps prevents deterioration of the pools molecular structure.


8mm Fibreglass - There are 2 layers of 8mm fibreglass sandwiching 15mm of honeycomb between them creating the pool shell and providing increased structural strength.


15mm Honeycomb - We use honeycomb technology for its lightweight properties and strength across large surface areas.


50mm PU Foam - Using Polyurethane Foam not only adds a valuable coating of imperviable insulation but also a solid layer of strength. This complies with Building Regulations Part L standards to enhance thermal heat retention.

Filtration & Heating

Filtration and Heating can often be one of the most daunting areas for any pool
owner, however, our simple and stylish solution is the perfect accompaniment to
The One Pool.

The One Pool Filtration Unit Open

We offer a complete constructed pool plant room that has been purpose built for you pool. This pool plant equipment is set stylishly in its own
self-contained unit making it easier to place and fit with the pools surroundings.

This innovative pool side solution is unique to The One Pool. Our one-piece pool plantrooms are designed and built in-house ready to be transported to site and connected quickly, easily and effectively.


This means you can be rest assured you will have the ideal pool plant room for your One Pool.

The One Pool Filtration Unit Closed
The One Pool Filtration Unit explained

*Filtration & Heating will be specified to your pool requirements

Alternatively we can build your plant equipment and place it in to a pre-existing building on your site such as a garage or pool room etc. 

Coping Stones

The coping stones are manufactured in the same factory as our pools and have been
specifically designed for The One Pool to be adaptable for both indoor and outdoor

The One Pool coping stones
The One Pool coping stones

The coping is expertly finished with a smooth non-slip texture for safety and comes with a unique warm to the touch feel, meaning it keeps a comfortable temperature to the touch from pool users.

Here you can see the standard dimensions for the coping stones. However the shape and length of the
stones can be adapted to meet the requirements of the project or shaping of the pool.

Due to the copings being manufactured purely for The One Pool, it means they have the versatility to be styled or coloured in order to fit perfectly in to the aesthetic of the pool and its surrounding areas.

Tile Range

The One Pool offers one of the largest varieties of tile options for pools on the
market, giving you a limitless array of options to make your One Pool truly unique.

Below you will find just a handful of tile options from our standard range with many
more available including our premium and large format tile ranges.

Mosaic Tiles for The One Pool

Take a look at our full range of tiles in our Swimming Pool Tile Range Brochure by clicking the button below...

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