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one piece pool

Why is it the "ONE"
for you?

The One Pool is the fast, simple, and efficient way of installing a full-length mosaic tiled pool into any area. 

Manufactured in the UK, this one piece pool is unlike pools of the traditional concrete pool method. The One Pool is as simple as excavating a hole, installing a concrete slab then simply dropping it in to place to be installed.

This dramatically reduces the total time of the project whilst maintaining the quality and finish of a mosaic tiled swimming pool.

As the pool comes with stainless steel fittings as standard and a vast tile range, creating the perfect pool to match your desired aesthetic will be as easy as the install.  

From design to install in just 6-8 Weeks!

6 Weeks! (1).png

Swim Jet, Pool Cover & many more options!

The One Pool has swim jet, pool covers and many more options.

Any size pool, in any location!

Any size One Pool, anywhere

Heating & Filtration systems included!

The One Pool comes with heating and filtration included

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